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5 Easy Ways to Detoxify Your Body

In our society, we are inundated daily with toxins.  We are exposed to them through the air we breathe, through chemicals found in our cleaning and beauty products, through pesticides and GMOs in our foods, and even through contaminants that leach into our water system.  We simply cannot avoid them completely.

Our bodies crave a break from these pollutants.

We do have innate detoxification systems in place within our own bodies.  Our liver acts as the primary filter for toxins.  Our kidneys and colons also help to filter out toxins through urine and feces respectively.  Our lungs filter out toxins and debris from the air we breathe.Our skin is our largest organ, and it eliminates toxins through sweat.  The lymph system collects unwanted "debris" in the body such as fats, bacteria and other harmful materials and filters them through the lymph nodes.

Although we have these built-in systems, sometimes our bodies still need assistance to boost that process, especially if we…