Episode #002: Simple & Effective Ways to Detoxify Your Body

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Episode #2 Show Notes

Popular thoughts and feelings around the word “detox" are addressed. Depending on your current lifestyle, we understand this can mean different things to different people. Ideas surrounding detox can range from cutting back on beer and wings to eliminating all inflammatory foods. We review the systems our bodies inherently have in place to flush toxins. We’ll also look at physical symptoms you may experience indicating your body needs some assistance in detoxification. To help with that, many practices are discussed involving food and lifestyle. Supplements are also touched upon. The environment exposes us to so much we can’t control, so this episode is designed to empower you to take action on the things that you can in order to lighten your load and give your body a better fighting chance against illness and disease.

[0:58] Kim and Laurie share about their recent holiday adventures and urges to detox 

[7:30] Followers questions and thoughts on detox

{11:00] The body’s inherent detoxification system 

[15:35] Signs you need to detox 

[18:20] Simple detox strategies 

[39:40] Insight on helpful supplements 

[49:50] WHY detoxing is important 


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