Episode #003: Reducing Toxins in Your Home

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Episode #3 Show Notes

The journey to reducing toxins in your home can be very overwhelming!  Today we will give you some great tips and options to get started. The Beautycounter “Never List” is discussed along with various products you can trust. We also give guidance on how to find safer products on the store shelves. Essential oils can be a very powerful tool in replacing some toxic products for cleaning, beauty, and just making your house smell good. We review other items around your home that could be harmful to your health such as cookware, water, textiles/fabrics, radon, and other things you may not think about. We discuss how to reduce exposure to all of the above.

0:58    Kim and Laurie share about drinking water and Laurie’s HUGE water bottle 

3:30    Quick recap of episode 2 and how todays discussion ties in

4:12    How to start the journey of reducing toxins in your home

8:20    Beautycounter mission and product options

16:40  Other simple replacements and essential oils

25:55  Toxins in your home that you may not think about


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