Episode #005: Redefining Self-Care w/ Quick Tips for Busy Women

self-care, motherhood, exercise, collagen, essential oils, skin care, regimens, saying no, happiness

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Episode #5 Show Notes

How do you define self-care? Today we get super personal on what that looks like in our lives. Since we both are at different stages in our motherhood journey, we are able to give a nice range of perspectives. Self-care can be simple, quick practices that make us as women feel taken care of. It is not “one size fits all,” so a comprehensive list of ideas is discussed such as food, collagen, nature, essential oils, skin care regimens, saying no, exercise, and other things that literally only take minutes!  

[01:00]    Definition of self-care and Kim’s ideal self-care day

[06:35]    Different phases of motherhood & what self-care looks like in Laurie’s world

[20:00]    Review of a very comprehensive list of self-care ideas


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