Episode #010: Interview with Children's Author Pamela Power Scanlon

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Episode #10 Show Notes

Pamela Power Scanlon, M.S. is the author of The Super Dynamos and a Family Health Educator & Advocate with certifications in MBSR-T, health coaching, and children’s yoga. Her mission through her blog and books is to empower families to feel healthy and happy from the inside out by shifting to a Love-Motivated Lifestyle that serves their whole health. If you’d like your family to experience greater joy and fulfillment, visit www.pamelapowerscanlon.com. To contact Pamela about book events, workshops and retreats, please email pamela@pamelapowerscanlon.com


[01:00]    Pamela’s background

[04:50]    Children’s book series and Max’s Transformation Begins impact on kids habits

[12:00]    Tips and tricks to get kids interested

[19:40]    Teens, body image, and love motivated lifestyle 

[22:40]    Mindfulness training 

[31:20]    One minute mindfulness exercise


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