Episode #009: What Can A Health Coach Do For You?

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Episode #9 Show Notes

Health Coaching is a bit of a new and upcoming industry so many people are unclear on the role of a health coach and how they can help you.  Today Kim interviews Laurie on the type of work she is doing with her clients and her 6 month program, The Simply Empowered Mom.  In person vs. virtual sessions are discussed as well as some one time services such as grocery store tours, pantry makeovers, simple dinner menu, cooking demos, lessons on juicing and reducing toxins sessions.  We also talk about the health coaching certification process through IIN and how Laurie approached this big career shift.  


[01:00]    Ground Hog Day, New Month, and January goals

[08:30]    What is a health coach?

[10:30]    What is IIN?

[14:00]    Starting a health coach career

[16:50]    Laurie’s work with her clients and various offerings


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