Episode #017: "360 Health" Cancer Prevention by Kim Maravich

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Episode #17 Show Notes

Kim’s book 360 Health is packed with information and serves as a great reference tool. It is a guide to cancer prevention, healing foods, and total body wellness.  The book focuses on anti-angiogenic foods which are cancer preventative and, conversely, on foods that foster cancer growth. This episode further explains other important factors in preventing cancer and provides a message of hope for everyone, even those who’ve already been diagnosed with the disease.  


[01:00]    How Kim’s book impacted Laurie and touched other people’s lives

[05:40]    Backstory of the book and message of hope

[16:50]    Angiogenesis in your body and anti-angiogenic foods

[27:00]    Foods to avoid to help ward off cancer (Laurie’s cat Tiger jumps up to take the mic)  

[30:00]    Helpful supplements 

[37:00]    Main toxins implicated in cancer formation 

[40:55]    How to detoxify your body

[47:00]    Lifestyle factors

[51:40]    Quick mention of other parts of the book

[55:00]    Goodies in the back of the book


Dr. William Li’s Ted Talk “Can We Eat to Starve Cancer?” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OjkzfeJz66o

Kim’s article “Why Pregnant Women Are Avoiding Folic Acid” https://healthproadvice.com/women/Why-Pregnant-Women-Are-Avoiding-Folic-Acid-Supplementation

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