Episode #019: Spring Renewal - Ways to Embrace the Season's Energy & Green Cleaning Tips


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Episode #19 Show Notes

Today’s show is a short, uplifting episode full of great perspective on the energy of this wonderful spring season.  We review 7 rituals for spring renewal as well as some thrifty tips on green cleaning. 


[01:00]   Shared an itunes review and talked about the need for more detailed show notes

[06:00]   Shared DailyOm passage about spring

[07:50]   Inner peace- let go of the old and make room for the new 

[12:50]   7 rituals for spring renewal- de-clutter your living space, clear out mental and emotional clutter, start a new daily practice, try out something new, spend time outdoors, take a trip, SIMPLIFY your life  

[18:00]   Simplify food- juice or smoothie cleanse

[19:20]   Simplify products- 

Glass cleaner: 1 ½ cup vinegar, ½ cup water, 8 drops essential oil

Carpet cleaning solution: ½ cup peroxide, 4 tbsp vinegar,  3 tbsp dish soap, ¼ tsp essential oil then fill the tank with hot water

Wood cleaner: avocado oil and essential oil 

[26:30]   Simplify schedules- refer to Episode 15 Present Over Perfect for steps- create space to literally stop and smell the roses this season


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