Episode #020: Instagram Tips - How to Grow a Loyal & Engaged Following with Brenna McGowan

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Episode #20 Show Notes

Brenna McGowan is a marketing strategist and copywriter. After years of helping companies with their writing and marketing, she decided to start her own business in April of 2017. Since then, she has helped small businesses create personal and strategic marketing plans focusing on organic social media marketing and copywriting. Brenna lives near Sacramento, California with her husband of 21 years. When she is not working you can find her driving her three kids around, going to yoga or reading a book.


[00:57]    5 Star Review

[02:00]    Introduction to Brenna

[06:05]    Brenna’s history and her company

[10:09]    How she helps “mompreneurs,” “creativepreneurs,” and small businesses

[14:27]    Why Instagram is THE platform to use for connecting with others and/or finding ideal clients

[19:20]    Tips to increasing followers and creating relationships on Instagram

[22:26]    Importance of captions under photos. Tips for good captions: Talk to one person; Break up your text into 1 or 2 sentence chunks; Always be yourself; Use a strong subject line … create curiosity; Tell a story; Use emotions

[34:15]    How to effectively use a “call to action” in your captions

[38:26]    Tips for using Instagram stories: Do at least 5 a day; Use video; Can use templates, GIFS, polls, questions, hashtags; Tag and mention others when possible (social proof)

[49:05]    Direct messages (DMs) to create relationships — replying to stories, voice messages, links to websites, personal notes/thank you’s

[54:35]    Using DMs to draw people to our websites, blogs, etc. (Gary V’s “Jab, jab, jab, right hook”) — Serve first and often, then offer a sale.

[1:03:18]    How to follow or contact Brenna


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