Episode #018: The Simplicity of Healing from Stage 4 Cancer with Kathy Bero


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Episode #18 Show Notes

Kathy Mydlach Bero’s remarkable recovery from two rare and aggressive forms of cancer, took her advocacy work into a whole new arena. She is an international best-selling author, speaker, consultant, reiki master and integrative health and cancer coach, working to change the way we look at chronic disease. Her best-selling book E.A.T. An Unconventional Decade In The Life Of A Cancer Patient was written in journal format, and is based on the 18 journals Kathy kept during her battle with two rare and aggressive cancers. Prior to her cancer diagnosis, Bero’s work ranged widely to include advocacy, facilitation, and consultation along with leadership development in the U.S and abroad.  Bero has been recognized nationally for her significant contributions in environmental advocacy and education, and executive produced the two-time Emmy award winning documentary WORTH FIGHTING FOR.


[01:00]    Kathy’s background

[03:00]    Kathy on the news and how the video went viral 

[04:30]    Kathy shares her personal story with stage 4 cancer and 21-month life expectancy to 14 years

[11:30]    Conventional cancer treatments/protocols and the importance of integrative medicine 

[14:50]    How the book came about and the powerful journal structure of a decade in the life of a cancer patient 

[22:50]    Anti-Angiogenic foods to fight cancer – list on Kathy’s website www.kathymydlachbero.com  veggies, onions, garlic, fresh herbs, berries (berrihealth powder for high dose therapeutic benefits)

[37:30]    Foods to maintain remission- support healing vs. prevent recurrence – more discipline is needed during the healing phase especially when it comes to avoiding sugar and prevention is more about balance and sustainability 

[40:30]    Lifestyle- meditation, fighting cravings, listen to your body when it asks for what it needs- Kathy craved cranberries because they are extremely powerful at fighting cancer

[44:00]   Simplicity in healing – change diet, reduce stress, deepen spiritual connection, Reiki

[47:30]   Reiki- tapping into universal energy and using it to heal

[51:00]   Focus on JUST FOR TODAY- I’ll be without anger, I’ll be without fear, I’ll do my work, I’ll be kind to others, I’ll be grateful 

[52:50]   Staying positive and healthy body, mind, and spirit – observe don’t absorb – negative emotions cause inflammation which causes disease 

[57:30]   Kathy’s services and how to find her


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