Episode #022: Breaking Up with Diet Culture & Finding Freedom Pursuing True Health w/ Rita Rogers

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Episode #22 Show Notes

Rita Rogers has 13 years experience as a nurse in a cardiovascular ICU where she's still practicing. But currently, she spends most of her working hours blogging and helping people one-on-one get to the root of their health and weight pain points through nutrition and supplementation.  She and her husband have two little girls and live a midwestern farm life.


[01:09]    5 Star Review

[01:44]    Introduction to Rita

[05:42]    Background behind Rita’s “Healthy Beat Skinny” website and Instagram, How she let being healthy conquer her desire to be skinny.

[08:40]    Rita’s past relationship with food and disordered eating habits (restriction, binging, over-exercise)

[14:06]    Rita’s health scare and mindset shift for recovery and wanting to be healthy

[20:04]    How Rita’s job as a registered nurse coupled with her knowledge of nutrition has changed her thoughts on traditional medicine in favor of a more holistic approach to healing

[30:30]    Critical tips for optimal wellness: Eating God-made vs man-made foods; Supplementing wisely; Simple and effective exercise

[37:42]    Beneficial supplements for many: quality multivitamin, sulfur, vitamin D, calcium, magnesium, vitamin K2, superfruits (liquid forms are best when possible)

[42:00]    Rita’s simple & unique approach to exercise and how to fit it into your day in small segments. Things she incorporates: squats, push-ups, planks, jumping jacks, standing crunches

[49:50]    How to follow or contact Rita


Rita’s Website: https://healthybeatskinny.com

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