Episode #025: How Fasting Does the Body Good

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Episode #25 Show Notes

Hayley Ryczek is the voice of the popular healthy cooking and natural lifestyle blog, Health Starts in the Kitchen. She has authored cookbooks “Without Grain” and “Fermented Foods at Every Meal.” She is also a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner.

Hayley aims to make the world a healthy place, one kitchen at a time, through her real-food recipes. She is known for converting everyone’s favorite foods to healthier versions, proving that eating healthfully doesn’t have to be depriving.

Most often you will find Hayley in her kitchen because she has an insatiable passion for food and cooking. She resides with her husband, Ray, and 2 dogs, Hercules & Argos, on a six-acre homestead in rural, southwestern Pennsylvania. Together, they have a beautiful organic garden, raise chickens and turkeys, forage for wild edibles and enjoy Sunday evening rides in the scenic Laurel Mountains.


[01:00]    Hayley’s background- published cookbooks, IIN journey, blog and photography

[08:00]    Fasting- VOLUNTARY absence of eating food. NOT starving, NOT eating disorder.    

[09:30]    Benefits- weight management, reduce inflammation, brain function, anti-aging, cancer prevention, heal the gut, and most importantly facilitates healing of the entire body due to the digestive system not causing a distraction.   

[13:50]    What you learn about your body from fasting.

[16:20]    How you feel while fasting. 1-2 days getting over mental hurdles.  Days 2-5 worst days fighting addictions (sugar/caffeine) because body is detoxing.  After day 5 MAGIC! 

[19:20]    How often should you fast?

[21:25]    Intermittent fasting- Going a period of time without eating…best to do while sleeping at night. Try to lengthen the window by not eating after dinner and eating later in the morning. A 12-hour window is great! 12 hours fasting then 12 hours of eating.

[29:50]   Blood sugar regulation.   

[33:30]   How fasting gives your body a chance to fight and heal.  

[38:10]   How fasting impacts hormones. 

[41:50]   How you feel after fasting.  

[49:40]   Who should not fast - low body fat % or under doctors care for a medical issue.


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