Episode #021: Website Tips -- How to Grow Your Email List & Get More Sales

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Episode #21 Show Notes

Brenna McGowan returns for another interview to give tips on how to grow your website’s email list, maximize traffic, and increase sales. Brenna is a marketing strategist and copywriter from the Sacramento area who helps small businesses create personal and strategic marketing plans.


[01:06]    5 Star Review

[01:52]    Introduction to Brenna

[04:16]    Why it’s important to get people’s email addresses & how to collect them: Mailchimp marketing, pop-ups, landing pages, freebies, embedded forms, Welcome Series emails, subject lines. Amy Porterfield says, “The strength of your business is directly tied to the quantity of your email list.”

[17:14]    The main important pages everyone should have on their sites: Home, About, Contact, Testimonials, Blog, and Services or Products. The layout should be “so easy a caveman can navigate it.”

[27:58]    What makes one website stand out from another? Tips for making the site visually appealing: simplicity, white space, breaking up text, subheadings, great photos, easy navigation

[31:22]    Things NOT to have on websites: carousel headers, off-brand photos, unnecessary pages or too much information 

[38:02]    SEO tips and tricks: Alt text, Labeling photos before saving, keyword research, linking to sites and having them open in a new tab, compressing image files, Google searches and Pinterest 

[47:28]    How to repurpose content and use it multiple locations: blogs, instagram, Facebook, social media, quotes, emails, YouTube, IGTV or IG stories

[57:13]    How to follow or contact Brenna


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