Episode #026: Balancing Hormones Naturally with Kate Kelleher of Be Balanced

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Episode #26 Show Notes

Kate Kelleher, Weight Loss Center franchise owner discusses the founder of Be Balanced, Dawn Cutillo’s method for natural hormone balancing. Dawn learned about the impact that stress has on key hormone imbalances that causes weight, mood, and sleep issues. She developed a system to help with weight control and overall health and tackles issues like insulin imbalance, female sex hormone imbalance, and the effects of stress in relation to cortisol. These elements combined with many others form the holistic approach that allows for effective weight loss through “Natural Hormone Balancing.” Be Balanced fills the gaps between the weight loss industry, the hormone replacement industry, and the medical community. Women have the power to choose NOT to accept the symptoms commonly associated with aging as their reality, and they can live healthfully, achieve fast weight loss and long-term weight control, and look and feel their best at any age.


[03:00]    Kate’s journey and personal experience in the Be Balanced program.

[08:00]    How hormones work together- cortisol/insulin imbalance as well as secondary imbalance between cortisol/progesterone/estrogen. How this combination of imbalances is keeping women from losing weight despite all their diet and exercise efforts.

[14:00]    The program to correct these imbalances-symptom assessment then whole foods diet/sensitivity assessment, relaxation therapy/aromatherapy to help control stress, supplementation with a homeopathic metabolic blend to support the adrenals and natural progesterone derived from wild yams. 

[27:20]    Ketosis and symptom reduction.

[28:50]    Natural hormone balancing vs. traditional hormone replacement therapy (synthetic and bioidentical) and the risks of supplementing estrogen.

[35:30]    How to find a Be Balanced Hormone Weight Loss Center near you and to complete the symptom assessment



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