Episode #029: Why & How to Eat Real Food (Encore)

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This encore episode is perfectly timed to air during harvest season when fresh and local produce are readily available. Kim gives important information from her book on anti-angiogenic foods, the importance of organic and non-GMO, other high quality foods and how to identify them. Now that you fully understand the impact this type of food can have on your family’s health, how do you incorporate more of it into your day?  Laurie shares some tips and tricks she works on with her health coaching clients to get more servings of fruit and vegetables into the day and get busy people back in their kitchens! 


[01:43]    Sunshine and geranium oil

[03:30]    Today’s topic and going back to basics

[04:13]    Define real food (unprocessed)

[05:00]    Anti-angiogenic foods (help turn off the blood supply to cancerous tumors)

[07:35]    Organic/non-GMO and the importance of high quality food

[10:05]    Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 (EWG categories)

[16:22]    Other categories of foods that help keep you in optimal health and WHY (fruits; vegetables: dark leafy greens, cruciferous, sulfur-rich, orange; nuts; seeds; legumes; resistant starches; fermented foods; seafood; meat sources: grass-fed, organic, pasture-raised; dairy sources: organic, grass-fed; eggs; beverages: coffee, filtered water, teas, red wine, ACV; fats: olive oil, coconut oil, avocado; sweeteners: honey, maple syrup, dates, stevia)

[32:16]    Touch on the expense of high quality foods

[34:28]    Tracking fruit and vegetable servings as well as water intake

[38:18]    Listener tips, tricks, and challenges 

[41:20]    Laurie shares tips and tricks from her workshops and client menu


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