Episode #031: Our Personal Experiences with Anxiety

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Episode #31 Show Notes

EVERYONE struggles with anxiety though it may manifest differently for each person.  Today’s episode is the first in a series on this topic.  Kim and Laurie share some of their personal stories and struggles with anxiety.  The physical symptoms are discussed as well as some healthier ways to deal with it.  As the series goes on, multiple guests will be interviewed to give us all tools in our toolbox to control this series health issue.  


[01:25]    Shared an itunes review 

[02:40]   Kim shares her personal struggles with anxiety

[11:00]    Hormones impacted by anxiety – Kim’s testing and low DHEA

[12:50]    Physical symptoms of anxiety

[17:00]    Some healthy ways to reduce these feelings 

[23:50]    Laurie shares her personal experiences and most anxious period of her corporate career 

[28:40]    Circumstances are not always to blame for anxiety…it can exist in any situation so we MUST find a way to manage it.


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