Episode #033: Anxiety Coach Rebecca Wiseman Empowers Women to Take Back Their Lives

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Episode #33 Show Notes

Rebecca is an anxiety coach and the founder of Wizebody Wellness, where she holds hands with women looking to step out of anxiety and step into who they are. After spending almost a decade in the Corporate world, and getting diagnosed with Crohn's disease, Rebecca made it her mission to heal herself and others suffering from mental dis-ease. She uses anxiety not as a condition to “fix,” but rather as a tool to uncover hidden insecurities, self-doubt, and other imbalances preventing women from shining bright. Her motto is, "Life is short, let's find joy.”


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[02:23]    Introduction to Anxiety Coach Rebecca

[05:41]    Rebecca’s story: life with holistic parents, areas of study, history of her own anxiety and sickness, and healing of her autoimmune condition

[11:29]    Start of Wizebody Wellness and the women she serves

[13:44]    Rebecca’s history with Crohn’s disease, how stress played a role, and how she reversed it; The Mind/Body connection

[24:49]    Techniques Rebecca used on her personal journey to healing: Meditation, Moving from medication to holistic treatment & understanding “why” she felt anxiety, Positive mindset, Self-love, Staying present, Food & clean eating/checking for food sensitivities, Essential oils

[37:48]    Ways to involve kids in a mom’s self-care when time is tight, and teaching kids good habits for health & stress reduction

[44:23]    Major stressors on women in today’s society —motherhood, perfectionism, career, body image, comparison, past traumas, relationships

[52:26]   How to stay present and grounded: Have faith that all will be well, Do something physical, Use essential oils, Eye spy, Practice gratitude, Create a “Remember who you are” album

[1:07:20]    How to follow or contact Rebecca

 Books mentioned:

“When the Body Says No” by Gabor Mate

“The Healing Self” by Deepak Chopra


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