Episode #034: Helping Children Challenge Anxiety with Chandra Chappell

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Episode #34 Show Notes

Chandra Chappell has a Master’s degree in psychology and is certified in Cognitive Behavior Therapy. She has years of experience working as a therapist with children who have anxiety related diagnosis. She is taking a break from her career to raise her two children. With plans to begin working outside the home again, she feels very passionate about providing education regarding anxiety and ways to self - manage anxiety.


[01:13]    Shared an itunes review 

[02:00]    Intro to Chandra – professional background and personal experiences  

[06:35]    Different types of anxiety- social, performance, generalized (what-if), phobias

[09:00]    How anxiety impacts our physical body- headache, stomachache, pain, dizziness

[10:00]    Fear vs anxiety and impact on nervous system and hormones

[16:30]    Cognitive Behavior Therapy Model – real life examples and how to walk through the model. Thoughts=feeling=behavior. How to challenge the thoughts at the root in order to feel more secure and happier in life. 

[22:00]    Anxiety challenge questions (Is this a worry or a fact? Do I know for sure this will happen? What is the worst that can happen? Can I survive it?) and positive affirmations (I can do this!)

[27:00]    Body scans and deep breathing to teach children to self soothe 


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