Episode #037: Finding Food Freedom with Thyroid Disease

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Justine Clark is a Certified Health Coach, Life Coach, and group fitness instructor specializing in holistic weight loss. She is the creator of 90-Day Total Body Transformation. Justine combines her background of extreme dieting, emotional eating and thyroid disease to help career-driven women lose weight for good with more food, fun exercise, and lifelong habits.

Intro and 5-Star Review

[02:00]    Introduction to Justine

[04:06]    Justine’s history with diet, weight loss, and thyroid issues

[09:45]    About Justine’s diagnosis, signs and symptoms, and treatment

[14:33]    The role of gut health in disease and ailments

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[20:20]   Justine’s diet and lifestyle prior to diagnosis 

[23:00]   Changes to her diet/lifestyle AFTER diagnosis — whole foods focus, how she incorporates “cheat” foods, her attitude around food now

[28:50]    “Finding food freedom with thyroid disease” — Justine’s explanation, meal scaffolding, giving ourselves the ability to choose vs restriction

[41:31]    Advice for anyone with potential or diagnosed thyroid disease — signs/symptoms, blood work recommendations, which doctor/health professional to look for

[49:10]   Justine’s services/clients

[53:04]   How to find/connect with Justine


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