Episode #036: Healing Autoimmunity With Food & Faith w/ Cecily Dickey

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Cecily lives on a farm in Canada.  She’s passionate about eating whole foods for life, and for healing.  She has 10 years experience as a nurse, however, her focus has shifted to helping other women understand their own health and purpose AND grow in knowledge and faith. She encourages them to live each day with intention. Cecily and her husband Kyle have 3 children, and they enjoy homeschooling them, pursuing new adventures, and living life to the fullest!


[01:53]    Introduction to Cecily

[03:54]    Cecily’s history, family, work as an RN/entrepreneur/blogger

[06:19]    About Cecily’s daily life on a farm in Canada

[11:25]    Favorite meals she prepares for her family using produce and meats from the farm. “Convenience is killing people” … but her meal ideas are nutrient-dense and simplistic enough for anyone to try. 

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[18:19]   How Cecily reversed her autoimmune Hashimoto’s thyroiditis through diet and lifestyle. (Importance of gluten-free diet, eliminating inflammatory foods, decreasing stress, and supplementing well.)

[29:53]   How Cecily has reduced stress in her life (Being choosy about “busyness,” homeschooling, changing her career, morning & evening quiet-time rituals, focusing on faith and God’s purpose, “Pursuing God’s glory is virtually the same as pursing my joy”—John Piper)

[39:08]    Balancing social media and work with down-time and play (Time management, prioritizing, planning, shutting off the phone … You are in charge of your day!)

[48:11]    How to follow or contact Cecily

 Book mentioned: “Don’t Waste Your Life” by John Piper


Cecily’s website: https://thegracetogrow.com

Cecily’s Instagram: @thegrace.togrow (https://www.instagram.com/thegrace.togrow/)

Cecily’s FB group: Intentional Living- With The Grace to Grow 

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