Episode #040: Finding the Beauty in Stepparenting with Cheyenne HInkle

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Cheyenne Hinkle is a full-time stepmother of 3 boys, a wife, Second Grade teacher, spin enthusiast and instructor, and avid reader and podcast listener. She went from being a single girl that ate take-out most nights and got a minimum of 9 hours of sleep a night to juggling a husband, household, 3 rowdy boys and a full-time career. 

Intro and 5-Star Review

[02:00]    Introduction to Cheyenne (about herself, family life, work, history)

[08:24]    Marrying a man who was a “package deal” with 3 boys; How they prepared the boys ahead of time for the transition to having a stepmother

[16:21]    How Cheyenne’s relationship with the kids has evolved over time — from “fun girlfriend” to the role of mom and disciplinarian; How her job as a teacher has helped in step-parenting and how being a stepmom has helped her be a better teacher.

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[24:55]    How Cheyenne and her husband manage to get in “couple time” and things they do to keep their relationship strong

[32:09]   Positive points of being a step-parent 

[38:24]   How to find/connect with Cheyenne


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