Episode #038: Transitions -- Back to School & Kim's Move

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Episode #38 Show Notes

Transitions! We are transitioning seasons from summer to fall and schedules from lax to structured.  The kids headed back to school to new classrooms, new classmates, and higher level work. When we are changing, we are growing though it can feel scary and stressful at the time.  In this episode, both Kim and Laurie share about their recent times of change and life lessons.  


[01:20]    Shared an iTunes review 

[02:00]    Transitions – new headsets for first virtual recording, Laurie’s 11-inch hair cut, back to school, and Kim’s big changes.

[05:45]    Kim’s story about job loss, house hunting, moving, back to school, and moms group.

[37:25]    Laurie talks about getting back to the grind, finding moments for self care, and new normals.

[40:00]    Back to school, back to you! Laurie talks about being so ready to work and new career endeavors. 


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