My Favorite Things: November 2017

Mushroom coffee, "The After Glimpse", tapping, organic baby pouches, Holiday Baking Championship

This is the second edition of "My Favorite Things."  The following are items or ideas that I'm currently really interested in and loving, and I wanted to share them with you!  As always, if you have suggestions for things I should try, send me an email!  I'd love to hear from you!


1)  Mushroom Coffee


I know what you're thinking ... yuck!  But honestly, it is YUMMY! Tlhis stuff tastes just like regular coffee but even smoother and with a TON of added benefits. This is coffee infused with mushroom extract.  Why mushrooms, you ask?  Because they are proven to have a host of health benefits.  If you've read my book 360 Health, you know that certain mushrooms are anti-angiogenic (or anti-cancer) superfoods.  

The picture above shows mushroom coffee that comes in pods for a Keurig.  However, Four Sigmatic also sells ground coffee, tea, hot cacao, and other mushroom elixirs.  Their website is beautiful and jam-packed with useful and interesting information about their products and about the health benefits of mushrooms.  They also have a good number of recipes.

The coffee pictured above is what I drink, but there are others you might like depending on your needs.  On the website, the page for this particular blend reads, "Coffee, minus the jitters."  And that's exactly what I find.  It helps me wake up but doesn't make me feel shaky. This blend contains cordyceps and chaga mushrooms.  Cordyceps is an adaptogen, not a stimulant, so it helps you produce and maintain steady energy levels.  Chaga mushroom can help support immune functions. It is called the king of mushrooms, and has antioxidant qualities.  

If you're a coffee drinker, you should seriously give this a try!  Coffee is already a superfood, but with the addition of mushrooms, this is a true disease-fighting powerhouse!  

2)  The After Glimpse by Wendy Paine Miller

The After Glimpse
By Wendy Paine Miller

Full disclosure ... I know this author!  I went to college with Wendy, and she's a beautiful lady inside and out.  Wendy was such a generous supporter of mine when I published my book.  I had thousands of questions for her, and she gave the best advice.  I turned to her because she's an amazing writer!  The After Glimpse is Wendy's fifth published novel.  

Although I'm a non-fiction writer, I LOVE a good fiction book with a little bit of mystery.  The After Glimpse fits the bill!  This is the book's description on Amazon:

"Corrine Boulder, Landon Young, and Aria Glynn share something inexplicable in common. They've all lost loved ones two years ago to the day. To the second, in fact. But that's not the only thing connecting these three. Their loved ones are resurfacing in photographs taken within the past twenty-four months. A toddler, a murdered sister, and a beloved dog suddenly begin appearing in photos captured after their last day on earth. Desperate for an explanation, Corrine, Landon, and Aria seek out possible reasons as to why this phenomenon might be occurring. Little manages to put their minds at ease as they wrestle with the implausible potential that maybe their loved ones are still alive. Bereft of answers, the trio begins to understand that perhaps it's not why this is happening, but to what end that matters most."

Doesn't that sound fascinating? It truly was a page-turner.  I couldn't wait for some quiet time alone each day to read a chapter or two.  Wendy's writing style is very engaging. The characters are so well-developed that they pull you in and make you long for a resolution for each of them.

The After Glimpse is available in Kindle and paperback versions.  

You can follow and find out more about Wendy and her books on her Facebook page: and at her website:


3) Tapping

A month or so ago, I'd never heard of tapping before.  (Tapping a keg, yes!  But otherwise, no.)  So what is tapping you ask? Tapping is a set of techniques which utilize the body's energy meridian points, similar to acupuncture or acupressure. You can stimulate these meridian points by tapping on them with your fingertips to gain relief from chronic pain, emotional problems, disorders, addictions, phobias, post traumatic stress disorder, and physical diseases.

When I've felt nervous or anxious, I've employed tapping and truly felt relaxation and a release of those troubling emotions.  I thought it was hokey when I first heard about it, but I tried it and was pleasantly surprised at how calm I felt afterward.

These instructions are taken from the website  

  • Identify the problem you want to focus on. It can be general anxiety, or it can be a specific situation or issue which causes you to feel anxious.

  • Consider the problem or situation. How do you feel about it right now? Rate the intensity level of your anxiety, with zero being the lowest level of anxiety and ten being the highest.

  • Compose your set up statement. Your set up statement should acknowledge the problem you want to deal with, then follow it with an unconditional affirmation of yourself as a person. (Example: “Even though I feel this anxiety, I deeply and completely accept myself.”)

  • Perform the set up.

  • With four fingers on one hand, tap the Karate Chop point on your other hand. The Karate Chop point is on the outer edge of the hand, on the opposite side from the thumb.

  • Repeat the set up statement three times aloud, while simultaneously tapping the Karate Chop point. Now take a deep breath!

  • Now, tap 5-7 times each on the remaining eight points in the following sequence:


Watching this video really helps to explain how and why to use tapping.

4) Organic Baby Food Pouches


I realize this isn't exactly interesting for those without little ones at home, but perhaps everyone can appreciate how difficult it is to get kids to eat vegetables.  Here I am, a health writer, and I'll embarrassingly admit that my kids do not have the best diet.  They, like many kids, are sugar addicts.  It's like pulling hair sometimes to get my sons to eat anything resembling a vegetable.  Enter these pouches.  Somehow, the manufacturers can hide the veggies amidst some sweeter fruit, creating a yummy snack.  My kids especially love these Peter Rabbit pouches (and Sesame Street ones too) because of the adorable pictures on the front.  Smart marketing!  They are easy to handle, essentially mess-free, and quick to "drink." I've tasted these, and they really are pretty good.  Until my sons' taste buds and food preferences mature, I'm thankful they'll eat these pouches!

5)  Holiday Baking Championship


This is one of my favorite ways to veg out.  Watching this show is like a warm hug to me.  Maybe it reminds me of baking cookies, cakes, and bread with my mom growing up.  Honestly, I'm not a good baker though.  Heck, I'm not even a good cook.  But for some reason, I just love watching baking shows. This show is so festive with gorgeous set decorations.  And the desserts that the bakers create are gorgeous and look so delicious my mouth waters.  Maybe I also love it so much because I live vicariously through the judges who taste every dish.  I really couldn't and wouldn't eat most of these desserts as I am gluten-free, but I would lick the heck out of the icing!  The show airs on the Food Network Mondays at 9:00 PM EST and runs until Christmas.


Thanks for reading the November edition of "My Favorite Things."  Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving and joyous holiday season!


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