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This week's featured guest, Carly Nascimbeni, is a lovely lady whom I originally met on Twitter. This is amusing to me since I'm not an avid Twitter user and don't have much of a following. However, Carly and her message really spoke to me. She has an inspiring social media presence and even has an adorable YouTube channel. We connected over being moms who were looking for optimal health and wellness for themselves and their children. As you'll see, Carly has transformed her body in amazing ways. But she's also incredibly insightful, determined, and hard-working. Her ability to work full-time, train (almost) full-time, and be an amazing mom is really commendable. I hope you'll enjoy this interview with Carly!

Tell us a little bit about yourself


My name is Carly Nascimbeni, and I am a thirty-year-old single mother of a beautiful little boy named Jack. We live in a small town on the eastern shore of Maryland. We have a 180-year-old farm house that is currently being remodeled on an acre of land in the country. We have a dog named Mr. Vinny, and we have six chickens. I work a full-time job in commodity sales, and Jack goes to a private day school while I am at work.

Tell us about your role in the health and wellness industry. Why is this such a passion for you?

I feel I am still finding my role in the health and wellness industry. I want to be a fitness coach for women, particularly mothers, who struggle to find the time and proper resources to lose weight and just feel good about their bodies in general. Mothers are the most selfless people in the world and, at the very least, we deserve to be able to walk around in bodies we feel good in.

It is very hard to see your body change after pregnancy, and I find most women have “mom guilt” for admitting it. It does not mean we are not thankful and appreciative of the greatest gift(s) we have ever been given. I want women to know it is possible to achieve your fitness goals. I am living proof of the process. I lost a total of eighty pounds after having my son.

Who is your biggest inspiration and why?

My biggest inspiration is my fitness and nutrition coach, Ashley Nicastro. Ashley’s training and nutrition program changed my life. I lost about sixty pounds before Ashley took me on as a client. However, she taught me how to reshape my body and eat the proper foods in order to fuel my workouts. On top of being an IFBB Pro, which is an incredibly hard title to gain, Ashley is one of the most positive people you will ever interact with.

What do you like to do for fun? any guilty pleasures?

My perfect day consists of a cup of hot black coffee, sunlight, and quality time with my son Jack. Jack and I love going to this little spot about ten minutes from our house where we can swim in the river. The water only goes up to about your knees, even if you’re a good distance out, so it’s perfect for young children. We both also love ice cream, so if the day ends with a little bowl of ice cream, I would say we are pretty happy.

What are some tips you would give someone trying to optimize their health?

  1. Set fitness goals for yourself that are easily measured. My initial goal was to lose weight, so I could easily track that. My goal now is to gain strength. So I write down the weight I lift every week, and I aim to lift heavier. There is no better feeling than setting a goal and achieving it.
  2. Take care of your mental well being above all else. I am someone who has struggled with depression my entire life. I make a conscious effort to keep myself in a happy state. I surround myself with people, books, and things that inspire me. I go outdoors, light candles, listen to podcasts by influential people, run, clean, bake, sing, play with my son, whatever it takes to make me smile is what I will do. I do them even if it’s the last thing I feel like doing because I know it helps, and my happiness and the happiness of everyone around me is worth the effort.
  3. When your motivation lacks your diligence has to kick in. The first question I get from people when they hear about my fitness journey is, “How do you stay motivated?” The answer is simple. I do not. I have days where I sit in my car for ten minutes before going into the gym because I just plain don’t feel like going in - but I do it because I have goals that I am serious about reaching.
  4. Stop allowing yourself to make excuses. If I find someone trying to convince themselves they can’t do it, they don’t have time, or any other excuse people come up with - I call them out immediately. If you don’t have a coach, then call yourself out on it. I am a single, full-time working mother of a seventeen-month-old little boy. If I have the time and energy to work out so do you. Stop selling yourself short.

Give us your contact info!


Instagram: @carlyfitmom

Twitter: @carlyfitmom

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6KFc97w4x3WYV5p44eIkHg


I hope you've enjoyed reading this interview with Carly. Isn't she gorgeous and really inspiring? Do yourself a favor and check out her YouTube channel. She's even cuter in person with a bubbly personality, and she has great content to share! You can also see her photos on Instagram that track her weight loss as well as her current post-show routine and training regimen. 


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