Why I Started a Podcast

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After writing my book 360 Health, the onus was on me, myself, and I to promote the work. Being a first-time author and a relatively unknown one at that, I did not have a major publishing company behind me. Amazon makes it quite easy for authors to self-publish books, so that is the route I took, and I’m eternally grateful for that opportunity.

However, being an unknown author makes it a challenge to publicize and promote your book. Of course, I posted to social media, and my “friends” were so gracious. They shared the information, bought the book, and helped me promote it. But I knew I had to also look beyond social media and my small following and groups of friends.

I had been listening to podcasts for several years. I loved that I could get quick, interesting, and useful information on just about every topic known to man. My favorites were in nutrition, holistic health, spirituality, and sometimes comedy … just for fun.

I decided to take a shot and contact a short list of podcasts that I had gathered. They all dealt with health, self-care, and/or motherhood. I was pleasantly surprised that 10 shows invited me to be a guest. This was one of the most nerve-wracking, but most fun and rewarding experiences of my life.

I felt so empowered to be able to spread the word about cancer prevention in this way. The hosts were so gracious. I learned a lot about logistical things like recording and using technology like USB microphones and Zoom calls. I learned how to prep for the shows and how to outline my thoughts into a cohesive structure. But most importantly, I learned that I could positively affect many people through my words in this media genre.

After one of my recordings aired, I received a beautiful email from a woman. She wrote,

I was hesitant to listen to a [podcast] that talked about cancer prevention since I already had a cancer diagnosis, now in remission. But your statement about the foods cutting off the blood supply to the tumor made me say “this is for me.” All I can say is Thank you!

One personal word of encouragement was all it took for me to, in turn, say, “I want my own show.” I still may not have the largest following. I’m not a celebrity or famous nutritionist, but I am a nurse with a message to share and one that I absolutely know can impact hundreds and even thousands of lives.

When I connected with my friend Laurie, a health and nutrition coach, I knew I wanted to partner with her. She has an amazing ability to explain things so interestingly and fluently. She has an absolute calmness and ease about her that balances me out very well. She will be a wealth of information and a tremendous support system for not only me but our entire community.

We plan to launch A Whole New You Podcast in January of 2019. We’ve been working diligently behind the scenes to record and edit episodes. There is much work to do, but we believe it is our calling and mission to spread the word about health, nutrition, self-care, emotional wellness, and clean living. We are passionate about our work and our research, and we hope to build a community that fosters and supports people of all ages.

You may be seeing fewer blog posts from me in the immediate future as we dedicate our time to the podcast creation and development. However, I will continue to send out weekly emails to my subscribers. I’ll link to each episode in these emails, and you’ll also be able to listen to the episodes on our A Whole New You webpage (awholenewyoupodcast.com). Please take a moment to visit our site. You can read more about the podcast and us there as well. When the episodes air, you’ll be able to scroll down on that page to find the episode number and listen directly on your web browser. If you have a smart phone, you can also listen via a Podcast app or on iTunes.

We hope you’ll join us each week. If you’d like to subscribe to my weekly emails, please visit the Home page.

In addition, you can join our Facebook group A Whole New You Podcast Community. And if you have questions for us or ideas for the show, please email us at contact@awholenewyoupodcast.com.

Here’s to Your Good Health,



If you haven't already checked out my book 360 Health: Your Guide to Cancer Prevention, Healing Foods, & Total Body Wellness, you can get it below!