Terminal Cancer Patient Reverses Disease with Anti-Angiogenic Foods

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Kathy Bero, from Delafield, WI was recently featured on WTAE, a local news channel in Pittsburgh. After I watched her story, I couldn't wait to learn more. And given that my book 360 Health focuses on cancer prevention with great regard for healing nutrition, I felt compelled to share her story here, too. 

Kathy's journey with cancer into remission is nothing short of incredible. Her interview has appeared on various TV networks around the world and has gone viral. It's now her mission to help others discover the world of anti-angiogenic foods and their potential ability to reverse cancer. The news is so stunning that researchers at Harvard University want to know more about that diet and Kathy's genetic make-up. 

In 2005, doctors diagnosed Kathy with inflammatory breast cancer. Her prognosis for survival was 21 months. At the time, she was 41 years old and the mother of two young girls. She fought the disease with surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. But the cancer fought back. 11 months after her diagnosis, the cancer had metastasized to her head and neck. The medication had also damaged her kidneys, lungs, and heart. She decided to stop treatment because of the toll it was taking on her quality of life. 

At that point, she decided to try a strategy of eating that a friend had suggested ... a diet filled with anti-angiogenic foods. Anti-angiogenic foods have the ability to turn off the blood supply to pre-cancerous cells and cancerous tumors. Kathy incorporated foods like garlic, leeks, and purple carrots. Her complete list of anti-angiogenic foods is below. (You can read more about the healing benefits of specific anti-angiogenic foods here.)

Kathy's list of anti-angiogenic foods.

Kathy's list of anti-angiogenic foods.

In addition to this diet, Kathy incorporated reiki and meditation into her daily routine. In case you're not familiar, reiki is a gentle healing technique that promotes relaxation, releases tension, and is used to activate the body's natural abilities to restore physical and emotional well-being.

Today, more than 12 years after her first diagnosis, Kathy says she's cancer-free and now works as a cancer coach. She's also an author, speaker, and reiki practitioner. 

You can find out more about Kathy at her website kathymydlachbero.com.

See Kathy's TV interview on WTAE here

You can buy Kathy's book E.A.T. An Unconventional Decade In The Life Of A Cancer Patient below. 

(Information in the above article courtesy of WTAE and WISN)



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