Which Foods Do I Need to Avoid to Stay Healthy?

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We live in a society in which, at any moment, on any given day, we can buy whatever we are craving. Cookies, chips, pizza, chocolate ...you name it. Convenience is amazing, and how blessed we are to have it! But it does come at a cost.

We don't like to think about food making us sick, but unfortunately, many convenience foods and even some labeled to be "natural" or "healthy" can do just that. Many packaged and processed foods are inflammatory, contaminated by pesticides, chemically-laden, and even genetically-modified (GMO). 

I've written extensively about which foods are good for you and may even be anti-angiogenic or protective against cancer. (Read about them here.)

And so, on the flip side, I wanted to give you a list of foods to limit or avoid. The word "limit" is imperative here. You'll see that many of the foods listed are ones that you probably eat, at least on occasion. It's not about having a perfect diet; it's about doing your best and leaning towards healthier food choices when possible ("real food"). Life should be fun, and food should be enjoyable. Educating yourself is also important. Make informed decisions, but don't let perfectionism run your life either. 

Below is the list. If you'd like to read more about each food item and why it might potentially be toxic, please read my article "Anti-Cancer Diet: Foods to Avoid." 

Meat/Dairy Products

  • Charred and grilled meats

  • Pickled, smoked, processed meats

  • Meat from animals given hormones or antibiotics

  • Dairy from animals given hormones or antibiotics

Processed Oils

  • Hydrogenated oils

  • Most vegetable oils

  • Fried foods

Sugar and Sweeteners

  • Table sugar and sugar ingredients

  • Added sugars

  • Artificial sweeteners

Carbohydrates and Grains

  • Packaged and processed foods

  • Gluten-containing grains


  • Plastics and cans lined with BPA

  • GMO foods

  • Alcohol


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