My Favorite Things: September 2018

URPower Garment Steamer, Yoozon Selfie Stick & Tripod, PowerLix Coffee Frother, Elemusi Bluetooth Speaker, Habor meat thermometer

The following are some new things I’ve discovered to make life just a little bit easier for me. I hope you’ll find them interesting and useful, too!

1) URPOWER Garment Steamer


I really dislike ironing. In fact, I almost never do it. And when I travel, which admittedly isn’t frequently, the clothes I’ve packed are always a wrinkly mess by the time I unpack them. Often, hotel irons aren’t exactly the best quality either, or they’re rusted and stained. Plus, who wants to struggle with unfolding a creaky old ironing board in a tight hotel room?

I heard about this steamer on a podcast, and because of the low price point ($19.99 on Amazon), I decided to give it a try. This is so easy to use, and it works well and quickly to get rid of wrinkles in clothes. Just fill it up with water, plug it in, and wait about a minute. Then, it’s ready to go. The nice thing about this steamer is that it’s also convenient to pack and take on trips. It comes with a nice travel pouch as well as a mitt to wear to avoid steam burns while you’re holding the fabric.

2) PowerLix Milk and Coffee Frother

coffee frother.jpg

This cute little gadget is a nice addition to your morning coffee routine. If you like the froth of a cappuccino, but really just enjoy your morning coffee at home, this little whisk can turn your boring coffee into a real treat. The wand is also a great tool to have in the kitchen as it can be used for mixing milkshakes, cocktails, fruit drinks, eggs, soups, dressing, etc.

The frother is very lightweight, compact, and easy to use and store. It sells for $14.99 on Amazon.

3) Yoozon Bluetooth Selfie Stick and Tripod

selfie stick.jpg

Are you much of a “selfie” taker? I’m really not either. But since I’ve been blogging and growing my social media presence, I actually do find that I need some half decent photos of myself. I don’t have a fancy camera, and I primarily use my iPhone for all things photo-related.

I actually would argue that everyone could stand to have a selfie stick and a tripod, and here’s why … Have you ever traveled or visited a place and just wanted to get a family photo? Then you have to ask someone nearby to take a picture. But what if no one is around? A selfie stick is the answer to your problems! This product is compact and foldable, so it could fit easily into a purse, but it has an adjustable long arm that you can easily hold at a decent distance away to capture not only your whole family but the background as well.

Even better, the device comes with a removable bluetooth remote. You just wirelessly connect the stick to your phone via bluetooth. Then simply press the button on the remote, and take the photo. Someone other than the photographer can actually press the button as well.

This stick converts into a tripod, too. It’s not a tall tripod, but it could be placed on top of a table or other flat surface to steady it. You can also angle the phone up or down with the movable neck. This is absolutely perfect for taking a family Christmas photo, for example. Just set up the tripod, remove the bluetooth remote control, get your family situated in place, and press the button. You can easily take multiple photos at once.

This is one of the best purchases I’ve made all year. It retails for only $21.99 on Amazon. A real steal in my book.

4) Elemusi Bluetooth Speaker

bluetooth speaker.jpg

If you’ve been following me online, you know that I love podcasts. I listen to several each day, and I also enjoy listening to them while I’m in the shower. I’m all about multi-tasking! My husband bought me this speaker to help me hear the podcasts better over the shower water. Playing them just through my phone wasn’t loud enough. The speaker connects wirelessly to your phone, but it can also be plugged directly into the phone. This is great for playing music too, especially if you’re having a party and want to stream music into the room. You could listen to audio books, Pandora, or even just hear phone conversations better. The uses are many. It can be paired to a computer or iPad as well. And the FM radio function lets you listen to the news wherever whenever. This gem comes in rose gold, silver, and black and is only $10.99 on Amazon.

5) Habor Food Thermometer

meat thermom.jpg

My husband bought this thermometer for grilling purposes. It helps him to know when the burgers are just right. I find myself using this in the kitchen as well. Sadly, I really don’t know how to use our grill, and I can’t easily use it anyway with little boys running around me at all times. But I do find myself making burgers on the stove top, and I use this to let me know when they’re done. This would be perfect for a Thanksgiving turkey or Easter ham. It’s also useful for moms to test the temperature of water when heating up bottles or to make sure baby food isn’t too hot either.

The thermometer gives a fast and accurate reading. It is compact, foldable, and easy to clean and store. It reads in F or C temps, too. It is $10.99 on Amazon.


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