Thyroid and Gallbladder Health Connection

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Did you know the thyroid and gallbladder are intricately connected?

Often when someone develops a thyroid condition, they may experience a sluggish gallbladder and even need to have a cholecystectomy (removal of the gallbladder). On the other hand, following a cholecystectomy, people may find themselves gaining weight, feeling fatigued, and losing hair. This may be the result of a now sluggish thyroid.

This curious interconnection led me to write an article for the website HealthProAdvice titled “The Gallbladder Thyroid Connection: How the Health of One Affects the Other.”

In this article, I outline the following:

  • The roles of the thyroid and gallbladder

  • Diseases and disorders affecting both organs

  • How thyroid disorders affect the gallbladder

  • How gallbladder dysfunction affects the thyroid

  • The role of estrogen in thyroid and gallbladder disease

  • Treatment options for thyroid and gallbladder dysfunction

  • Treatment for excessive estrogen

  • Diets and supplements that may benefit each

I hope you’ll give this article a read. Please pass it along to anyone you know who may be interested or who may be suffering from one of these conditions.


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