Kindness is a Language ...

If you spoke with someone on the phone, would you be able to tell if they were frowning or smiling? Happy or sad? Our emotions are transparent on our faces and in our voices. Whether or not we are kind to ourselves or others shows up in our everyday interactions and is evident in our physical bodies … the way we move, our posture, and our facial expressions. I challenge you today to consider whether or not people would describe you as kind. Are you living weighed down by stress, or are you embracing life even with all its ups and downs?

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My podcasting course teacher told us, “Be sure to smile when you speak.”😁 This wasn’t because someone would actually be seeing us but because our smiles would come across in our attitude and tone of voice. Boy, was she ever right! When I listen back to our recorded episodes, I can absolutely tell when I’m smiling and when I’m not. Try it! Record an audio message of yourself, and say the same thing while smiling and one not. There is a difference! ✨ Kindness is the same way. Kindness is shown in your face, in your eyes and smile, and how relaxed your expression is. Kindness is a loving phrase of understanding, a gentle and soft (not harsh) tone of voice, and patiently waiting for others to speak. ✨ It’s not that difficult to tell when someone is stressed or angry or unkind. Even if you’re in a bad mood or around people you don’t care for, you can still smile. It changes not only yours but others’ vibrational energy. ✨ In my 20s, I belonged to a gym in which a man who was blind also belonged. I was so impressed with the way he navigated the facility, maneuvered the machines, and spoke to others readily. I liked getting on a treadmill next to him because he was so interesting and had great stories. But one day, he surprised and humbled me. He said, “You are such a nice person. Thank you for being my friend.” I didn’t really do anything out of the ordinary for him, but I listened and I talked and I laughed. Although he couldn’t see me, he knew I smiled and my words were kindness enough. ✨ My assignment for you is to think about how you’re showing up in the world. What story is your face telling? What are your words conveying? None of us is perfect by any stretch, and we can’t always be positive, but there’s always time for a smile.

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