Growth During Challenging Times

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Everyone likes life to be easy. Isn’t it nice when things are predictable? We wake up and do our morning routine. We get the family ready and head out the door to our jobs or school. We come home and have dinner, watch some tv, scroll our phones, do some homework, and then complete the bedtime routine. Each day and each week is pretty much the same, and that makes us happy. Sure, there may be some bumps in the road, but the routineness of life typically brings peace and sense of control. 〰️ But what about when life throws us a monkey wrench? It can be downright scary. Losses ... of loved ones, jobs, homes, health, money, and emotional wellbeing can set us on a downward spiral. 〰️ So how do we effectively handle major changes and challenges? Do we hang our heads, complain to everyone in sight, and curse God for turning His back? 〰️ Or do we look for silver linings? Do we recognize that we can grow? Do we focus on the positive despite the negative and thank God for hidden opportunities? 〰️ My family is facing a challenging time right now and it’s downright worrisome. I’ve lost sleep and am very unsure what the future holds. But of this I’m sure ... God is with me throughout my life ... now and during those easy times. He will provide in all seasons if we just trust in Him. Prayers aren’t always answered in the way we hope, but when we see even difficult times as opportunities for growth, there is no doubt that will be so. 〰️ Have you ever experienced a frustrating time or challenging circumstance and became better for having gone through it? I’d love to know!

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