No Longer Forcing Things

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Don’t you get exhausted trying to be all things to all people? I do!🙋🏼‍♀️ I’ve decided I’m just DONE with pushing myself to extremes. I’m tired, and my mental and physical health have suffered, not to mention my relationship with my sweet sons. . Let me give you some personal examples of “forcing” things: ❌Posting “x” number of times a week to social media. ❌Hustling. (Gosh I hate that word.) ❌Trying to write one blog post a week. (Hello, I have a podcast. That’s a lot of work and enough good content!) ❌Working for too long when I should be playing or resting. ❌Getting up extra early to do things when I’m tired. ❌Persuading my 3 y.o. son to calm down and trying to stop his tantrums. ❌Getting upset when my kids won’t eat their veggies (or anything remotely healthy). ❌Trying to look and act as “put together” as other moms. (I have anxiety, I don’t need that added pressure.) . So, that leaves space and energy for things that are meaningful to me. What do those look like? For me, it’s pretty simple: ✅Time with family ✅Self-care (even a few minutes counts) ✅Exercise (a little goes a long way) ✅Connecting occasionally on social media because I want to, not because I have to ✅Prayer, devotions, and time spent with God ✅Writing/working on things I LOVE and that interest me ✅Following my heart and my convictions ✅Sleep glorious sleep . Things that come easily and smoothly, things that bring me joy 🔆 and that I lose track of time doing … those are my things. . Laurie @laurie_iinhealthcoach and I recently recorded a yet-to-be released podcast on “Present Over Perfect.” And my big takeaways were that in being true to ourselves and giving up the “rat race” of life, we can find deeper connection with ourselves, our families, and our God. What a beautiful and necessary gift to give ourselves! 🎁 . What are the things that come smoothly and easily for you? What do you LOVE to do in your free time?

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