Control Issues

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Ok, I know this is a weird picture, but look at my ceiling! This is life with two little boys. I posted this photo not to show you the chaos, but to tell you a story of control issues. 〰️ I am pretty much a control freak by nature. I would like things to be “just so.” It’s easier for me to accomplish “x” task, so I’ll just do it myself. I don’t care for non-compliance, and I certainly don’t like when my kids don’t listen to me. 〰️ I must’ve asked them 5 times to stop throwing those sticky bugs onto the ceiling. Obvs they didn’t listen or stop. At first, I was just plain old pissed. But then I found myself giggling at their laughter and crazy antics. Oh well! 〰️ And then I realized something... 💡The behavior issues we are having with my youngest largely stem from him wanting to control every situation ... what to wear, when to leave, what to eat, what to watch on tv and what volume it’ll be set at, etc. 〰️ 💡If I want him to give up some of that stubbornness and obtuse refusal to be flexible, I need to do the same thing! 〰️ So I watched them for a while quietly. I made sure they weren’t getting injured. And then I suggested we take them down and try throwing them on the house outside where it didn’t matter if they left a mark. 〰️ They happily went outside, and my son thanked me for letting them play. 〰️ Little victories, friends. I need to learn just as much as they do, and I’m learning that not everything has to be a battle or is worth that negative energy.

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