When Life is Scary, God is Good

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Sometimes children’s stories are so simple yet so profound. This quote comes directly from my kids’ VBS lessons this week. . We discussed some scary things for kids. Typical responses were snakes 🐍 , lions 🦁 , or other creatures 🐊. But when asked, my son blurted out “Moving to a new place.”😥 . I thought, “Yea buddy. I”m scared too.” . But I also saw this as an opportunity to talk about the exciting and GOOD times ahead. 👫The people we’ll meet 🏡The pretty new house 🌳Finally having a flat backyard 🏫 Learning at a new school (he loves school) . Honestly, I NEEDED this week, these stories, these reminders just as much if not more than my sons. . Divine wisdom had me attend VBS this year. I was doing it as a favor to my sons, but it turned out to be for my own favor. . Below are the words from one of their songs. I can barely sing it because my throat chokes up, and tears stream out of my eyes😭. But this song is one that will stick with me and be a guiding light when I’m scared. . 🎶 {Wherever you lead me, I’m gonna follow. I’m trusting you God, you are good! Life will get crazy, wild and amazing. I’m trusting you God, you are good! I want to live each day like anything can happen. Can’t hardly wait to see what’s next. I want to face this world with wonder and excitement. Face every challenge every test. Wherever we go, Lord, you are good!}🎶 . ✝️What a great way to look at things. The unknown and future don’t have to be scary. We can look at things through the eyes of a child… looking for wonder and excitement, ready to take on the world because God is good all the time. We need not fear. . What fears are you facing right now? Whatever they are, know that you are not alone. God remains good through it all.

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