Look for the Flowers Amongst the Weeds

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I hate weeding, don’t you?🌱 What a tedious task to dig into the ground and pull them out at the roots. It’s tempting to just let them grow. But by removing them, you allow the flowers to bloom and actually be seen.🌺 . Positive Parenting tells us to ignore the junk and “weeds” as much as possible and actively search for the good. This is such a difficult task for me. . 🚫My initial instinct is to stop the behavior I don’t like … like whining, yelling, sibling bickering. . But I’ve learned by drawing attention to the negative, it really just escalates that behavior.😡 . 🌷Instead, by looking for the tiniest bit of good (the flowers) we can change the dynamics of bad behavior. One flower leads to a bouquet.💐 . 🌷When I say things to my son like, “I love how quietly you’re playing” (even when he isn’t that quiet), it makes him feel good and brings about more quiet play. 🌷When I say, “What a great helper you are cleaning up your toys!”, he’s inclined to do it more. . This has transformed the dynamics in our family. And it led me to wonder how else we can apply it in our lives. . 🌼How can you look for the flowers in your life?🌼 . ✅If you’re in a job you don’t really like, what’s one little thing you do enjoy about it? Maybe it’s a nice colleague or that you get to go out to lunch. Focus on that. . ✅If you’re around a person you really don’t enjoy, what’s one kind thing you could say to them? Maybe that you like their outfit or that they’re really attentive. . ✅By focusing on someone’s strengths, it lightens their demeanor and brings forth positivity in your interaction. . So today I challenge you to look for the flowers in your life. Focusing on the good always makes more good and beautiful things spring up. There is so much positivity in life; we just need to look for it.😁

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