Health & Nutrition Coaching

Do you need some help creating your ideal eating plan? Each of us inhabits a different body with different needs. Our body sizes and metabolisms differ as do our fitness levels and individual goals.

Some folks need to change their diets because of health issues or chronic conditions. Others may just want to optimize their eating to include as many antioxidants and micronutrients as possible to properly fuel and sustain their bodies. 

I can help you develop a plan to reach your goals. 

Through nutrition counseling, I can help you find the right nourishment for your body. Together, we'll discover the correct combination of foods to help you heal and nurture your body. We'll develop a "diet" filled with anti-inflammatory, anti-aging foods designed to strengthen you and create your healthiest body.

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The Process


* We'll begin with a 15-minute Skype or phone call to learn a bit about one another and to see if we'll be a good "match."



* Our first true session will be a 60-minute Skype or phone interview to uncover your thoughts and prior experiences or feelings about food. We'll help get to the root of any symptoms that plague you .... these can include body image and mindset issues in addition to problems with weight loss or chronic illnesses. We'll set some goals and begin to create a plan that is individual to you and that will fit your lifestyle.

* After our session, you'll receive a document with notes and a detailed description of your personal plan and any other resources (recipes, links, etc.) that may be valuable to you. Follow-up via email is always available for questions or concerns.



* Additional Skype and phone conversations are available at a discounted rate. This includes one 30-minute session, email recap, and continuation of your personalized plan with actionable steps. 


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